Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'll have a korker on the side please!

Her hair bangs are getting too long! Time to pull out the shears!
Oh, yes. Bangs are way to long.
Try to focus on the hair do...not the stains on the carpet!

With the weather being in the triple digits lately, I try to keep my kidz as cool as possible. Shimmy in particular. She does not like her hair down in the summer.
Simple hair do. You simply part the hair from ear to ear then I prefer to part the top front section to the side. I make two 3 strand braids and then I sweep the hair to the side, tie it with a pony holder and add a korker bow.
To give it a slightly different look, you can curl the pony hair. I was running late this day so I did not get to curl the pony hair. The curls will give it a more done look!


  1. stopping by from sits.
    Have you thought about doing hair as a side job?

  2. Super cute I luv it. My dd would look adorable in that hairstyle thanks for the doo

    coming by form the SITS to say Hello :)