Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We had a busy morning! My pictures might be a little blurry and don't mind the hairspray drops on Shimmy's hair. My son Zerin sprayed her while I was readjusting the camera and he really sprayed it on her. I could not wait for it to dry!
I will be adding some scrunchies to my bowtique. So, if you like them, I will have them up in about two weeks. Other than that - I believe Claires at the mall carry some.
After tugging and pulling and spraying and telling Shimmy to stand still. She gets a little moody.

Please don't mind the hairspray drops. To avoid this, spray about 1-2 feet away from hair & keep little brothers away from the hairspray bottle.
Okay, first you are going to outline the crown of the head by sectioning off about 1" of outer hair all the way around the head. Pin up the middle section of the hair to get it out of the way.
Section about every inch and tie with a pony. It should look something like the top and bottom picture.

Now take half of the hair from one section and half of the hair from the section next to it and tie it together with a clear rubberband. Do the same all the way around the hair sections.
You should get a pattern like this top picture. The bottom picture shows what it will look like at the bottom nape area.
After you have combined strands from each section, you just simply attach all the strands to make a pony with the remainder of the crown hair. Make it into a high pony to make sure the outer strands are pulled tightly so you can see the pattern better.
Once you have it into a high pony twist the pony and make it into a bun. Secure it with bobby pins and voilá! You have a patterned bun now you just add any Shimmy accessorie. You can add more security by adding more pins if need be.

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