Sunday, June 14, 2009

Okay, This is a challenge for me! Trying to explain how to make two half braids. Please don't get discourage if you attempt the braids and don't get them the first time. It takes practice. I'm also working on video clips to demonstrate how to do braids. It should help out those who do not have the french braid or the three strand braid down. Coming to you very soon!
This is a semi easy hair do...of course for those of you that already know how to braid. I was making the braid while taking pictures! And I was chewing gum all at the same time!

Okay, First part the hair from front to back.

Take one side and section off about 1/2" to start off braid. My daughter has bangs so that's what you see clipped to the side.
Start of the braid like you would a three strand braid.

Okay, when you get ready to add hair, add only to the top strand. Do not add hair to the bottom strand.
Keep braiding the hair and only adding to the top strand.

I braided to the bottom and folded the braid up and tied it with a pony holder.
Repeat the top steps on the right side section.
I added these cute ruffle ribbon hair bows. That match her PJ's perfect. Yes, I did this demo before she went to bed. What a waste of a good hair do. Hey, who says a princess can't look good while sleeping. Have you heard of Sleeping Beauty!

On this bottom picture I removed the braid at the nape area down and placed a pony holder to have two pigtails. I think I like that look better.
Great! I'm done explaining! How did I do? Did I lose you at braid? Don't worry if you don't know how to braid. I will have a video tutorial coming to you very soon! If you do know how to braid and I lost you at any point, please comment and let me know. All feedback is welcomed!

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  1. I always wondered how to do the braids like you described. Now I know the trick---just take hair from only 1 side. I can't wait try it in my little girl's hair. Thanks for your help!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net