Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Julie, in response to your email, as to where I keep my Shimmy's hairbows...well, I did decorate a cork board with ribbon to match Shimmy's bedroom. I ended up bringing it downstairs to promote my hairbows and well, as of yet I have not returned it to her. She reminds me frequently so I'll be making one for her soon.
This cork board, I purchased at Target. Since, I own quite a bit of ribbon, I decided to use ribbon instead of fabric. This is the first cork board I decorate and I'm no expert but I just used Loctite Gerneral Purpose Adhesive Spray and I also reinforced with a hot glue gun. It was a little messy so I think I will end up using a different glue next time.
If cork boards are too bulky and you're looking for a simple way to store hair bows, http://www.princessclipsinwaiting.com, has cute hair bow holders. They are a great a way to enhance your little girls room, while keeping your bows in one place.

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